Yesterday's news should not become the problem of tomorrow, that can effect generations to come. is the Charity or Cause based extension to

Over saturation of modern media for the most part being negative in content seems to be leaving a void of sorts. Events, crisis and 'happenings', consume us constantly. The most meaningful reason to be aware of these occurances will allow us to potentially circumvent our involvement in them, notify loved ones so they too can be safe. However, an imbalance of negativity, effects our psyche in ways we may not recognize as having a harmful effect on our stress levels and in turn elevate the anxiety we feel about the ever changing world we live in, in a negative fashion. provides a platform for 'Good News' content. In addition, and in tandum with this, we address the reality, that news has the ability to be overwhelming and daunting to us. It is the inevitable, controversial and unfortunate tragedies, that take place in our communities and globally that effect all of us in countless ways.

The goal for newsthatmoves is to inspire and in so doing, allow us to do something productive, that makes us feel part of the solution. is our Charity / Causes connection to our 'take' on the news with, we do utilize the info of other networks with our RSS feeds. This offers the reader the ability to positively participate and to create the positive change, presenting charities, (501c3) non-profits, an individuals stories, that require your support that we present to you in our unique way. This allows you to be more informed to decide where you would like to put your tax deductible contributions. Through our careful analysis we review the credentials of each, to ensure your contribution is accounted for. Other ways to give, might be through giving your time through our up and coming, Volunteer Work Section.


Launching soon we will offer the ability through algorithmic and other types of analysis, to track graphically, the manner in which, you and the collective participation of others changes and transforms the 'Bad News' event through your positive participation and how you effect communities, and Global out reach programs, that in turn impact positively our entire planet, step by step. Awareness of environmental issues effecting our air, soil and water are ever so important and we can each participate by being more knowledgable about the companies we purchase from and the products we endorse with each form of currency we spend to purchase them.