In March 2012, a big furry dog showed up at my door step one afternoon. It looked at me wide-eyed waging its tail. All that I could think of was how the internet is a wonderful place to connect me with such an adorable thing.

One day after coming home from soccer tournament, my mom told me that she wanted to get a new dog. I was ecstatic. In sixth grade, Duncan, my beloved Polish lowland sheepdog died of cancer. I was devastated for many months. As I recalled my memory of Duncan, my mom came over and showed me a picture on her computer of this dog. He had short stumpy legs, a long gawky tail and huge nose. He was also quite scruffy. “Mom where did you find this dog from!” I remember asking. “Well,” she said, I always wanted a big shaggy like dog so I decided to Google ‘shaggy dog rescue’ and he came up.”

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